DropBox vs OneDrive vs MEGA vs Google Drive

For the past 24 hrs, I’ve done an experiment with 4 different cloud storage services. After uploading the same package of 25,000 files of varying sizes and types to each service, here are my results.

Note: My internet download speed is 55 Mbps, upload speed is 10.5 Mbps, and it is very stable.


MEGA – 50gb free 

MEGA offers the most free cloud storage space of all free cloud storage services. It is also the clear winner in performance, but only in certain conditions: if you are uploading large files; if subfolders in your upload batch contain less than 100 files per folder; and if you dont need integration with Microsoft Office or Google Apps.

If you upload a folder to MEGA which contains more than 100 files, additional files over the 100 file limit will be completely disregarded and you will not even get an error message. You would only know they are missing by manually checking the contents of your folders. If you absolutely need to put more than 100 files in a folder of their own, the only workaround for this is to manually select the batch of photos on your computer, then drop them into the folder you’ve created in your MEGA account.

Mega allows you to view all types of photos within your account, but not video.

If you are uploading large files, MEGA’s upload speed is far superior to OneNote, DropBox, and Google Drive.

DropBox – 2gb free 

DropBox offers the least free storage space of all free cloud storage services. If you manage to get plenty of free bonus space with the purchase of a phone (as I did), or by any other means, it is a competitive free cloud storage service. The upload speeds in DropBox are reasonable, and it allows you to view all types of photo and most types of video files from within the webservice.

DropBox’s batch upload limit is 3,000 files, but it did not limit the amount of files in folders during uploads as MEGA did.

There were a few errors while uploading files (less than 10 out of 25,000). DropBox did not offer an option to “Retry” the uploads, and it was difficult to pinpoint which files were unable to upload because of errors.

Google Drive – 15gb free  

Google Drive offers the absolute SLOWEST upload speeds of all the free cloud storage services I’ve ever used, especially for large files. While it lacks in speed, it had very few upload errors (3 file upload errors out of 25,000), and it offered a “retry” option for the failed uploads. Using the “retry upload” option fixed the upload errors, so it would not be dishonest to say that it uploaded 25,000 files with no errors.

Google Drive allows you to view all photo types and most video types from within the webservice.

I dont think Google Drive has a batch limit, but the entire upload froze when I tried to upload 25,000 files at once. I uploaded 15,000 at once with no issues, albeit very slowly, then the rest after that. Google Drive did not limit the amount of files in folders during uploads as MEGA did.

Google Drive also offers integration with various Google Apps including Gmail.

OneDrive – 15gb free  

OneDrive’s upload speeds are only second to MEGA. There were very few upload errors (less than 5 upload errors out of 25,000). OneDrive did not offer a “retry upload” option for failed uploads, but it did offer a helpful notification explaining which specific files were unable to upload.

OneDrive allows you to view all photo types and most video types from within the webservice.

OneDrive’s batch upload limit is 1000 files, but it did not limit the amount of files in folders during uploads as MEGA did.

OneDrive also offers integration with Microsoft Office apps including Microsoft email services, Microsoft Word, and OneNote.


My favourite cloud storage service to use on a day to day basis is MEGA, even considering its limitations. While it does allow previewing photos from within the webservice, you cannot watch videos. Its password recovery system is nonexistant even if you have access to the email account used to create the account, and a subfolder with more than 100 files in it will not upload properly.

I appreciate MEGA above other cloud services primarily for its far quicker upload speeds and much larger free storage space, making it especially useful for large files such as movies, music collections, and eBook collections. I have used MEGA since the day it was released, but I do have plenty of experience with these other services considering I was using all of them before MEGA even existed.

The other three services are equal to me (assuming you can get your hands on free extra space for DropBox). Having said that, since I use other Microsoft products on a daily basis, OneDrive does have its uses and I do appreciate its quick upload speeds, few errors, and integration with other Microsoft products.

All four of these services have excellent apps for android phones/tablets, but MEGA’s and DropBox’s apps are the “quickest” or “snappiest” to use. Google Drive’s and OneDrive’s android apps feel a bit clunky in comparison.

MEGA and OneDrive offer the most detailed file descriptions of the four services, displaying file size, date created, date uploaded, file types, and folder content information. DropBox offers the least detailed file descriptions.

Of these four services, I’d recommend DropBox if you intend to use a cloud storage locker to host images for a webpage.


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Kyle vs Cigarettes

I’ve never given quitting smoking a fair chance, did not care too much about the health concerns regarding cigarettes. This past year I’ve toyed with the idea of quitting smoking, even made status posts on my favorite social networking site, facebook, that I was going to do it. However I never truly put my heart into it and of course failed, went up the street for cigarettes within hours of making my half-hearted claim that I’d be quitting.

Now, I’m getting serious about it.

In Canada, cigarettes are heavily taxed. A package of cigarettes costs between 10-12 dollars depending on your location and brand selection. If a person were to smoke a modest 1 pack per day, it is still a monthly financial burden that rivals financing a brand new vehicle.

My goals, my life-plan, has no room for smoking. The cost of feeding a hungry person in a nation stricken with poverty is only 30 dollars per month. How can I justify spending 10 times that much inflicting a slow death upon myself, in addition to restricting my ability to function in some of my favorite activities such as basketball, hiking, and general fitness/bodybuilding. It is not something that can be justified. Therefore my foot is being put down in regards to the smoking issue once and for all.

My plan is to make smoking an unnattractive alternative to quitting by several methods. First, I am not letting myself shave untill I’ve quit for one week (I truly hate having facial hair). Second, I am going to reward myself for quitting with a Kindle e-book reader. Third, I am going to reward myself with some heavier weights. One of my online friends introduced me to the Kindle a few months ago and I have been eager to get one since being made aware of their existence. They are a reasonably priced handheld device that has the capacity to hold thousands of books, has no glare in sunlight, to the naked eye it gives the impression of reading off of regular paper. Being an avid reader, this of course is the perfect item for me. A cheap space saver that will replace many kilograms worth of boxes of books in my house and an excellent item for travel and research. With the money I do not spend on cigarettes, I could purchase one book for a Kindle per day and have money left over!

A friend told me they quit smoking by quitting for one day at a time, waking up and making a decision to just get through that particular day without it. Baby steps. I’m going to break it down further, and quit for one hour at a time. Each hour I do not smoke will be a victory. Soon, the hours will not seem as long, and I can start looking at it as a daily decision. The time is ripe for quitting smoking, my life-goals are becoming more attainable than ever before. Financially, quitting smoking will help me by freeing up several hundred dollars per month that would otherwise be literally burned away, wasted. Physically, I will be able to go further, do more, and not be held back by the self-inflicted beating my lungs take on a daily basis.

There are no good reasons to smoke, and plenty of reasons not to. It just makes sense.

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All great things begin with an idea

6 years ago, I was sitting in a classroom in a community college, waiting for my ride home. No stranger to the street, to poverty, I was a drug addict, drug dealer, sometime-thief, everything, and nothing. With 15 minutes to wait for my ride, I typed a brief pamphlet describing the desire of my heart. One single draft, one copy, and then went to meet my ride.

A few days later, I told my granny that I’d like to help some kids get off the street, the right way. At the time, there was only one emergency shelter available to youth within 250km, the Youth Emergency Shelter Society, and they were overcrowded on slow days. I called a few churches and told them what I was planning, asked them if they would meet with me and requested the use of one church in particular as a place to hold the meeting.

I still remember the first meeting, I was nervous. My reputation was widely known, my name preceded me everwhere I went. The fear that I had was that my infamous name would prevent people from taking me seriously when discussing the desire of my heart, to help kids get off the street. The first thing that I did when everyone met, was have everyone stand up, and led a prayer. A police officer had been made aware of this meeting and was in attendance that day, he stood and prayed as well.

The first meeting was a success, awareness had been generated within the community regarding a problem. A seed was planted. The recurring meetings that followed were brainstorming sessions with grand ideas, some of which I still hope to see come to fruition, God willing.

Shortly after these first few meetings, I was arrested and being held awaiting trial on various charges. During my incarceration, I was shocked to see my granny, almost 80 years old, pick up where I left off, and get in touch with all the pastors of the various churches. Over the course of the years following my arrest, it was my granny who held my dream together and made it her own.

We saw the slow progress of Project: Youth Shelter become a reality over 6 years, becoming the Parkland Area Youth Emergency Shelter Foundation, getting charitable status (not easy), and various ups and downs regarding the membership of the foundation council.

Various corporations, churches, organizations have been behind us, pushing for our success. Recently, we reached our finance goals and had enough money to lease a building and hire staff. We found a temporary building while we searched for a permanent one, and were ready to open, however.. we encountered resistance in the community. A few disgruntled residents in the immediate area of the proposed location petitioned against the opening of a shelter and for the last month and a half, we were stalled.

Today, the city council voted on the matter. We won. The shelter is opening next week.

I would like to encourage everyone, regardless of their current situation in life, to speak up when they have an idea that will better their community. Whether you live to see the results of your labor or not, whether your idea will simply be a seed that grows, please do not be discouraged or let a fear of failure or rejection prevent you from trying.

This youth shelter did not become a reality by my personal power, my ingenuity, or my connections. There are hundreds of people who put in long hours volunteering, fundraising, attending board meetings, and brainstorming to make this a reality. My role has long since passed on to others more capable and for that I am grateful.

All it took was one young, drug addicted repeat offender to speak up and make a few phone calls. A good idea is never wasted on willing ears. Share your good ideas.